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D2UNet Pty Ltd and Scale Computing Forge Strategic Partnership to Deliver Next-Generation IT Solutions

Sydney, May 15, 2024 - D2UNet Pty Ltd, a renowned provider of cutting-edge IT solutions, isexcited to announce a strategic distribution partnership with Scale Computing, a leader in edge computing and hyper converged infrastructure. This alliance is set to transform the IT infrastructure landscape across Asia and the Pacific Islands, granting businesses unprecedented access to state-of-the-art technologies that enhance efficiency and performance.

"D2UNet Pty Ltd is eager to partner with Scale Computing to provide groundbreaking IT solutions to our esteemed clients. We are convinced that Scale Computing’s Hyper-converged Edge platform is the future of IT infrastructure, and we are dedicated to introducing this pioneering technology to enterprises throughout theAPAC region to foster their success in the digital age." - Dinesh, CEO of D2UNet Pty Ltd.

In this collaboration, D2UNet Pty Ltd will integrate Scale Computing’s SC//Platform with its extensive range of IT solutions, offering a comprehensive strategy for meeting infrastructure demands. Scale Computing’s hyperconverged solutions empower businesses to streamline IT operations, expand scalability, and optimise resource allocation, thereby enhancing agility and competitive edge.

An executive from Scale Computing expressed excitement about the partnership withD2UNet Pty Ltd, aiming to propel edge computing and hyperconvergence forward in thetargeted region. The executive commended D2UNet Pty Ltd for its profound industryexpertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, which complements Scale Computing'sambition to broaden its international market reach. The partnership is designed to providebusinesses with essential tools for digital success.

The agreement between D2UNet Pty Ltd and Scale Computing reflects a mutual dedication to innovation and customer contentment. By merging Scale Computing’s avant-garde technology with D2UNet Pty Ltd’s significant market penetration and customer-centric approach, the partnership is poised to deliver exceptional value to businesses in the region.

About Scale Computing

Scale Computing is a leader in edge computing, virtualisation, and hyperconverged solutions.Using patented HyperCoreTM technology, Scale Computing Platform automatically identifies, mitigates, and corrects infrastructure problems in real-time, enabling applications to achieve maximum uptime, even when local IT resources and staff are scarce. Edge Computing is the fastest-growing area of IT infrastructure, and industry analysts have named Scale Computing an outperformer and leader in the space, including being named the #1 edge computing vendor by CRN. Learn more at

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Shaya Lal
VP Marketing, D2UNet Pty Ltd